Data Protection

The data which are displayed and collected with this online questionnaire have been obtained and processed in accordance with the German Federal Data Privacy Law (BDSG) and the Telemedia Law (TMG).

This web application can only be used if you have been sent a link for activating the application by E-Mail, or if you know the following information:

•Access code

The party responsible for the data which have been collected, processed and used through the application is the same person from whom you have received your access code.

The purpose of the application is to conduct a self-assessment of behavior in a concrete situation. The answers will be analyzed by means of an automatic process, and the results compiled in a report. The contents of this report provide you with descriptions which allow you to reflect on yourself. The report will be automatically sent by means of E-Mail to a report recipient designated when the access code was ordered. Only an analysis of the answers, not the answers to the individual questions, will be transmitted.

Directly following successful login, the person being questioned will see his personal data and the receiver of the report. The person being questioned has the opportunity to correct or change his entries here. Notification of this correction will be sent automatically by E-Mail to the person being questioned and the person who ordered the access code.

In the following step of the application the person being questioned can give or withdraw his consent to the acquisition, processing, use and transmission of his data. The consent status can be viewed by the person being questioned at any time by means of the access code. For this reason the person being questioned must preserve the access code with care.

The questions in the application can be answered only if the explicit electronic consent of the person being questioned has been given.

Should the person being questioned withdraw his consent – by electronic or other means – all of the answers and any report that may have been already created will be deleted immediately.

No data will be saved if the application is interrupted through technical cause or by choice.

The answers will be automatically deleted after a period of time determined by the person ordering the access code (max. 36 months). Reports are saved only until confirmation of proper delivery.