Terms of use

1. General provisions
The profiles supported on this website are destined to help people to understand themselves and others, in order to maximize personal contentedness and entrepreneurial success. Profiles can be helpful in doing so but they cannot substitute professional psychological consulting. They are not the adequate means for choosing job candidates or making other personnel-related decisions by third parties. persolog GmbH (Company with Limited Liability) shall not permit the distribution of its products as an instrument to guarantee success on the job or in particular types of jobs.

2. Consulting by certified facilitators
The services offered on this website cannot substitute consulting. persolog GmbH is therefore advising its clients to make use of a facilitator certified for the personality model in case of questions regarding interpretation and the way of interpretation.

3. Access rights
persolog is granting access rights for this website in order to comment on a number of expressions or statements and to send the information to a consultant for the development of a personalized profile.

4. Exceptions to access rights
This report shall only be used for noncommercial, personal or pedagogic purposes. The use requires that indications regarding copyrights of Geier Learning Inc. and persolog GmbH shall be kept and used in the reports.

5. Illegal use
No documents, logos, graphics, images or sound files shall be copied from this website or used in any other way without the explicit written consent of persolog GmbH other than for the purpose particularly defined in no. 3. Renting, leasing, borrowing, granting sub-licenses or developing versions based on this website and any evaluations shall not be permitted. Copies, modifications, reproductions, new publications, distribution, transfer or use of this website, the online questionnaire and the report resulting therefrom shall not be permitted for commercial purposes with exception to the extent explicitly defined in these terms of use.

6. Exclusion of warranty
persolog GmbH shall not guarantee that the provided evaluations and the information contained therein be appropriate for a particular purpose. The user alone shall bear the responsibility for the use of the reports and evaluations.

7. Exclusion of liability
Independent of the legal grounds persolog GmbH shall only be fully liable (indemnity or compensation for futile expenses) in the following cases:
•for damages resulting from death, injury of body or health as a consequence of a violation of obligations by negligence or intention caused by an authorized representative or a member or employee of persolog GmbH
•should a guaranteed quality be nonexistent within the meaning of Art. 443 BGB (German Civil Code) and
•for damages that were caused by persolog GmbH or one of its employees or an authorized representative by negligence or intention. In case of a violation of an essential obligation deriving from the contract, persolog GmbH shall be liable only for contractually typical damages that could reasonably be expected at the time of the conclusion of the contract when none of above mentioned cases of unlimited liability occurred
Any other liability regarding indemnity or compensation of futile expenses shall be excluded. The liability pursuant to the German Product Liability Act shall remain unaffected. At the time of the conclusion of the contract persolog GmbH shall assume that € 5,000.00 shall be sufficient to cover each case of damage, at the most, however, a total of € 20,000.00, for damages that could reasonably be expected at the time the contract was concluded, except in the case of personal injuries. Should a user claim that abovementioned amounts cannot cover the existing risk the use shall be stopped, and persolog GmbH shall be informed prior to each future use, in order to enable the parties to agree upon an adequate coverage of the risk.

8. Applicable law, place of jurisdiction
This contract is exclusively subject to German Law for parties operating in Germany/German parties. The court in Karlsruhe shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes deriving from or connected to this contract.

9. Miscellaneous
The invalidity of any provision of these terms of use shall not affect any part of the remaining provisions. In such a case the parties shall substitute the ineffective provision for an adequate effective one.